"When it comes to big cats, it's about vision."



Caring with heart, mind, and spirit to create meaningful coexistence for our residents.



Dedicated to the needs of our resident animals through collaboration and teamwork.



Preserving that which is appreciated, such that appreciation may encourage conservation.

Our Residents

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Canine distemper (CDV) is a debilitating virus that can strike down even the bravest…


http;//www.crowdrise.com/CFLARHoliday Giving Tuesday was amazing! CFAR Raised over $24,000 by the time the night…


http://www.crowdrise.com/CFLARHoliday This is the biggest day of the year, #GivingTuesday.  Our campaign on Crowdrise.com…


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Together we Build

Needed for Goal: $483,000

Summary of Project Costs

Buildout of St. Cloud Reserve: $770,000
Moving the Cats to St. Cloud with the assistance of Veterinarians: $130,000
Reserve and operating expense: $100,000
Total Campaign Goal $1,000,000

Progress to Date

Gifts & Grants to Date: $457,000
Pledges to Date: $70,000
Total $517,000

The Mane Event

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CFAR at a Glance

Mission Statement
CENTRAL FLORIDA ANIMAL RESERVE (CFAR) is a big cat & wildlife sanctuary focused on effective stewardship and meaningful relationships with our animal residents and educating the public at large.
All Volunteer
The staff of CFAR is composed entirely of dedicated volunteers.  Together, they serve our animals residents to preserve their lives and treat them with dignity.
Outreach and Education
These cornerstones of the organization have brought presentations across the state, alerting people to the plight of the big cats and reminding them that we are caretakers of our environment.
Responsible Advocacy
We stand for responsible advocacy for big cats, bringing light to the situation surrounding big cats without resorting to sensationalism for profit.


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