Pumpkin Chaos!


Pumpkin Chaos! Michelob and Raz inspect an unsuspecting pumpkin… As you know, we’re involved in an amazing campaign called the CrowdRise Giving Tower Holiday Challenge. The Challenge runs through January 6th and the charity that raises the most for their cause during that timeframe will get a grand prize of…


View the documentary on cflar.org or on Youtube. Central Florida Animal Reserve is a big cat sanctuary, home to over 40 lions, tigers, leopards and cougars. Since 2007, the organization has been caring for this population of cats that would otherwise not have a home. Seven years since inception,…


The Orlando Sentinel has introduced Central Florida Animal Reserve to Orlando.  Click here to view the story. Dr. K. Simba Wiltz acts as ambassador for Orlando Sentinel reporter David Breen and Photographer/Videographer Gary Green.  They visited Central Florida Animal Reserve to learn the story of the organization and spread…


“The tiger watched–his large round eyes locked onto his proposed target.  Timing.  The hunt was all about timing.  The frozen stillness of his cupped ears, ramrod whiskers, and closed jaw was offset by the telltale twitch of excitement in his tail.  He crouched as the object of his attention…

FeatureImage- Lionmane

Photographing Lions With Technology