Thanks to the fine folks at RKC Site Solutions, we have some amazing drone footage of the new Central Florida Animal Reserve facility in progress! A direct link to the video is here: http://youtu.be/RDGYhAJA9Cg. You can really see the scope of the project when you get in the air…

CFAR Sounding

A recent lawsuit filed in New York intended to establish “person status” for chimps has opened a new front in the discussion of animals and their place in society. This leads to big questions about self-determination, the concept of self-awareness, and the distinction between animal welfare and animal rights….

CFAR Sounding

Behind the Lens with Janice Carter Pt. 2 Hosts Simba Wiltz and Asli Goncer interview Janice Carter, staff photographer for CFAR. For several years, Janice has provided beautiful images of the cats in the form of posters, calendars, and framed pictures. We explore what it takes to get these…


Did you know CFAR does a live radio show from the facility every Sunday? Listen in today at 12pm for the show “CFAR Sounding” online at http://tobtr.com/s/5762327. You call in to the show at 347-327-9619 to speak with the hosts! You can also find past episodes and more at…


Some Notes/Comments: Sabrina mentions giving the cats pizza to see what they do — What was actually provided was the pizza BOX. 104.1 FM’s show ‘The News Junkie’ visites CFAR tomorrow, 8/7/13 from 11am to 3pm. Sabrina Ambra will be live at the facility and experiencing what it is…