Wowicala needs your help! The last two weeks have been hard on Wowicala, our 14 year old Siberian.  She had to have emergency surgery for a mammary tumor.  Our wonderful vet was able to perform this on site, and she is recovering well while we await final results! The…


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Did you know CFAR does a live radio show from the facility every Sunday? Listen in today at 12pm for the show “CFAR Sounding” online at http://tobtr.com/s/5762327. You call in to the show at 347-327-9619 to speak with the hosts! You can also find past episodes and more at…


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2 Tickets and $75,000 and $10,000… We’re part of an amazing campaign called the #STARTARYOT Challenge sponsored by RYOT.org, a news site that gives every story a related action. RYOT is putting up a grand prize of $75,000 to the charity that raises the most money during a 5-week charity…


The Challenge Starts Now! We’re super excited to let you know that we’re part of the #STARTARYOT Challenge. The Challenge is a fundraising campaign being launched by RYOT, the first news website that lets you take action on every story you read. They’re giving away $200,000 in cash prizes…

FeatureImage- Lionmane

Photographing Lions With Technology


Some Notes/Comments: Sabrina mentions giving the cats pizza to see what they do — What was actually provided was the pizza BOX. 104.1 FM’s show ‘The News Junkie’ visites CFAR tomorrow, 8/7/13 from 11am to 3pm. Sabrina Ambra will be live at the facility and experiencing what it is…