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FeatureImage- Lionmane

Photographing Lions With Technology


Some Notes/Comments: Sabrina mentions giving the cats pizza to see what they do — What was actually provided was the pizza BOX. 104.1 FM’s show ‘The News Junkie’ visites CFAR tomorrow, 8/7/13 from 11am to 3pm. Sabrina Ambra will be live at the facility and experiencing what it is…


For Immediate Release CENTRAL FLORIDA ANIMAL RESERVE, INC. (CFAR) Has Reached the GuideStar Exchange Gold Participation Level as a Demonstration of Its Commitment to Transparency Sharpes, FL – CENTRAL FLORIDA ANIMAL RESERVE, INC. (CFAR) today received the GuideStar Exchange Gold participation level, a leading symbol of transparency and accountability…


BBC Nature – Rare cat filmed up close in Borneo. This fascinating article talks about the rare and reclusive clouded leopard–filmed up close in Malaysia.


Central Florida Animal Reserve invites you to be a part of the full social media experience! We have a fun and exciting application to add to our list of social media accounts ! CFAR has now joined Instagram! For those of you not familiar with…

FeatureImage- Cougarfur

To explain why the headline “It’s a Girl” announced a very special birth, I will tell you a bit more about the mom’s beginnings. With quickly disappearing habitat, and loss of prey, the endangered Florida Panther has enough to cope with. There are thought to be 100 – 160…