wowicala2Wowicala needs your help!

The last two weeks have been hard on Wowicala, our 14 year old Siberian.  She had to have emergency surgery for a mammary tumor.  Our wonderful vet was able to perform this on site, and she is recovering well while we await final results!

The very next week, on a trip to pick up food for Wowicala and her friends, the CFAR truck had not one but TWO tire blow outs while traveling.  Fortunately, no staff members were injured and no cats were on board.

This is where we need your help. This month has incurred higher than planned veterinary bills. Our truck needs at least two more tires, at a cost of over $400 each, and needs general maintenance as well. This truck is regularly used to pick up food for the cats, supplies for the facility and when necessary to transport the cats for medical care. We expect it will play a huge role in the relocation efforts to the new facility.

The new facility is moving along great (more on that soon)!  We need your donations now to help keep the project on track. We appreciate all you do to keep the cats safe and happy.

Please make an extra donation to CFAR to assist with these unexpected expenses.  Click here to donate.