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About 9th Life

9th Life PosterCentral Florida Animal Reserve is a big cat sanctuary, home to over 40 lions, tigers, leopards and cougars. Since 2007, the organization has been caring for this population of cats that would otherwise not have a home. Seven years since inception, CFAR is working to build a new facility to give the cats more space and improve care. But an aging population, and the demands of the current facility are never far from caretakers minds. It’s a race against time to finish construction and get this elderly population moved before it’s too late.

Filmed and produced in the Winter of 2014, 9th Life is a Student Documentary Project from a team at Full Sail University’s Orlando Campus.


Co-Directed by: Jone Troconis and Shrabya Baral
Unit Production Manager: Adolph Steele
Director of Photography: Israel Marte

Music Composed by: Luciano Vian

View online at CFLAR.org