“Central Florida Animal Reserve — Because of you #3”

Thanks to your support, Central Florida Animal Reserve is able to give the cats regular “spa days”! Our residents enjoy long luxurious soaks in their tubs, and playfully invite us along like Maaki. Michael showed us his inner cub as bubbles turned bath time into fun time. And while all the residents enjoy just plain relaxing every day, Iyo is a master!

This is all made possible through the generous donations provided to us over the year, and we thank everyone who has helped.

Less than 3 percent of all giving in the country goes to animal and environmental causes. Central Florida Animal Reserve relies on 100% of its budget from private donations, foundations, and grants–so every dollar counts.  Thanks to an all-volunteer staff, this revenue can go directly to the resident animals in our care in the form of food, shelter, and constant support.  Consider supporting Central Florida Animal Reserve as part of your year end giving.

We wish everyone a bright and joyous holiday season, and look forward to sharing the members of our family with yours.

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