"When it comes to big cats, it's about vision."

Cante Skuya

(CHAHN tay SKUY yah)

My Story

Cante had been previously bought by a couple that thought they could make him a house pet. They returned him to the breeder weeks later. Cante, was as aggressive as little baby leopards are, and had injured the wife repeatedly. The husband attempted to beat Cante into a more manageable state. This backfired as wild cats respond more aggressively to dominant behavior. By the time we got him, Cante cringed at any hand motion and was violently aggressive to everyone.  Now that Cante has reached full maturity he shows very few signs of his earlier abuse. He is a consummate practical joker and puts on regular shows of aerial maneuvers and attacks.

I've been adopted by:

The Kara Family

Cante Lounging K.Mulvihill

About Me

Celebrated Birthday

Name Translation
“Sweet Heart”
Leopard – Panthera pardus
Magic Moments
“Cante is a very easy cat to find, even in the dark of night.  Simply walk up to his enclosure and say hi!  He’ll respond with a resounding hiss that will leave you no doubt of his location.”

More Pictures of Me

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