"When it comes to big cats, it's about vision."

Wicasa Wakan

(wih-CHAH-shah wah-KAHN)

My Story

Wicasa was the best behaved tiger when it comes to being out around the public. People could be freaking out about seeing a white tiger walking around, but he had a supreme confidence about himself. He still does! He is a very expressive tiger, and all you have to do is look into his eyes and it is like he is talking to you. And he absolutely loves food! At one point, we used to call him “The Big White Sausage” because he ate so much. He’s lost weight since then, but has not lost his temperament. The combination of intuition and beauty makes him a joy to be around–as long as you don’t get between him and his food.

I've been adopted by:

Tom & Effie Blue



About Me

Celebrated Birthday
May 26, 2002

Name Translation
Sacred Seer
White Bengal Tiger – Panthera Tigris

Magic Moments
Wicasa had been resting while we were filming in front of the enclosure.  Just when we were talking about being committed to the cats, he walked up to investigate what we were doing, and say hello.  It was a great interruption, immortalized on camera.

More Pictures of Me


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