"When it comes to big cats, it's about vision."



My Story

Kukla was born to Igmu and Ista Toyela, and quickly established her position as a very affectionate little girl.  She lavished attention on her handlers with vigorous headrubs and grooming licks.  Her big heart is surrounded by a lithe, athletic body that is just as comfortable in the air as on the ground.  Kukla eagerly jumps down to greet her favorite humans when they pass her enclosure, and has a purr loud enough to be heard from ten feet away.

I've been adopted by:

Tom and Effie Blue


Kukla K. Mulvihill

About Me

Celebrated Birthday
October 5, 2005

Name Translation
Baby Doll

Western Cougar – Puma Concolor

Magic Moments
Kukla has a hanging ball in her enclosure that she loves to use for exercise.  She will leap off the den, put all four paws on the ball and hang on it before nimbly leaping to the ground.  She can do this routine many times in a row, but will expect neck scratches in return for the display!

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