"When it comes to big cats, it's about vision."


My Story

Gypsy came from a facility in South Florida that breeds exotic animals for the zoo trade.  This facility was near another facility that bred animals commonly known as prey for leopards.  The presence of a leopard so close affected the mating habits of the neighboring facility such that they requested she be removed.  Instead of being put down, Gypsy remains with us, surrounded by others cats who are more appreciative of her predatory nature.

I've been adopted by:

No One Yet-- Will You?

Gypsy W. Chiassom

About Me

Celebrated Birthday

Name Translation

Black Leopard – Panthera pardus
Magic Moments
Gypsy is not fond of most men.  In order to get her to move from one place to another, all the males have to clear out so she will cooperate.

More Pictures of Me

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