"When it comes to big cats, it's about vision."
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Nyota Usi

(nigh-O-tah OO-see)

My Story

Nyota Usi (just Usi for short) got her name because of her unusually dark coloration as a cub. Her name means ‘Dark Star’, and she was every bit the handful that lion cubs can be. She was born by emergency C-section from her mother Osota. Her sister Cunsi is the other surviving cub from that litter. In spite of being the smaller of the two, she doesn’t hesitate to run up to meet newcomers to her enclosure. But behind those great amber eyes lies the soul of one who would like nothing more than to explore the world one nip at a time.

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Usi K. Mulvihill

About Me

Celebrated Birthday
October 18, 2005

Name Translation
Dark Star
Lion – Panthera Leo

Magic Moments
Cunsi had been picking on Usi for the better part of a few minutes before she decided she had enough.  Usi spun around and chased Cunsi around the enclosure in an impressive display of speed.  She’s no slouch when it comes to getting upset!

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