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My Story

Omaste’s cubhood has been the stuff of legend, having earned her the distinction of being one of the toughest little tigers around. Her demeanor around the people she knew paled in comparison to her attitude to those she didn’t, earning her the nickname of ‘O-monster’. She now resides with Icamna and Honey in a remote section of the compound. She’s pleasant with the staff she’s gotten to know over the years, but if there are any visitors in sight, then the ‘O-monster’ returns!

I've been adopted by:

Rick and Susan Goltz


About Me

Celebrated Birthday
September 4, 2002

Name Translation
White Bengal Tiger – Panthera Tigris

Magic Moments
At a public education event, Omaste was relaxing on the other side of the arena when a group of people came up.  They had just started to talk amongst themselves when Omaste charged fifteen feet across the arena, roaring and snarling at them.  She was not even a year old at the time, and I remember thinking ‘Wow, what a tiger’.

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