Wowicala needs your help! The last two weeks have been hard on Wowicala, our 14 year old Siberian.  She had to have emergency surgery for a mammary tumor.  Our wonderful vet was able to perform this on site, and she is recovering well while we await final results! The…


Newsflash! http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20140211/NEWS01/302110019/Big-cats-moving-Forever-Florida Central Florida Animal Reserve continues its mission to move 45 lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars to a new home.  The stakes are high and the challenge is real: we urgently need your financial support to make this dream a reality for our 45 resident cats. The animal…


Member Day #1, 2014 Click on our Member Day link to learn more or contact us for directions!


Did you know CFAR does a live radio show from the facility every Sunday? Listen in today at 12pm for the show “CFAR Sounding” online at http://tobtr.com/s/5762327. You call in to the show at 347-327-9619 to speak with the hosts! You can also find past episodes and more at…


 The discovery casts doubt on the origin of species. “The oldest big cat fossils ever found – from a previously unknown species “similar to a snow leopard” – have been unearthed in the Himalayas.” BBC News – Oldest big cat fossil found in Tibet.  


“The tiger watched–his large round eyes locked onto his proposed target.  Timing.  The hunt was all about timing.  The frozen stillness of his cupped ears, ramrod whiskers, and closed jaw was offset by the telltale twitch of excitement in his tail.  He crouched as the object of his attention…


Thanks to all who participated in this event!  Here are some pictures of CFAR’s first 5K


Central Florida Animal Reserve (CFAR) hosts its third Member Day, October 13, 2013 at its facilities. This unique opportunity allows members and donors to visit the facility and learn more about the cats and people of the organization. Tours will run continuously between 12 and 5 pm for members and…


CFAR holds its first ever 5k at Gleason Park in Indian Harbour Beach. In a few hours! The weather is warm and breezy, perfecting running weather! Our tiger ambassador Sebastian watches the setup, eager to get the party started! This event is like a victory lap for CFAR after…