"When it comes to big cats, it's about vision."
FeatureImage- Cougarfur


Puma concolor



Cheyenne was our first rescued cougar. She came to us from an animal dealer that thought she was too aggressive to sell.



Kiki interacts with few humans, but those she likes she really likes. Watching her purr and rub against her favorite people could fool you into thinking she was an oversized house cat.


Ista Toyela

Ista used to be such a talker that the slightest miao would get her miaoing back. It was almost a contest to see who would stop first!



Kukla has a hanging ball in her enclosure that she loves to use for exercise. She will leap off the den, put all four paws on the ball and hang on it before nimbly leaping to the ground. She can do this routine many times in a row, but will expect neck scratches in return for the display!

A Class on Cougars

Kehkeh1  Kukla1  Cheyenne2



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If you would like to see more pictures and read more about our cougars, please see their pages.


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