"When it comes to big cats, it's about vision."



My Story

In his youth, Ceyesa was famous for his ability to cry about everything.  Now, this beautiful boy doesn’t say much–unless there’s food to be had.  He has a relatively easygoing temperment that allows him and his enclosure-mate Wakuwa to get along well.  But hidden under his beautiful striped exterior is all the ferocity of a great land predator–which he will readily show if his buttons are pressed. Notwithstanding the occasional show of ‘tiger-ness’, Ceyesa is a loving cat, always eager for a chuff or rub–when he’s not sleeping in his den!

I've been adopted by:

Jerry and Mary Beth Ferringer


About Me

Celebrated Birthday
June 9, 2002
Name Translation

Panthera tigris altica – Siberian Tiger

Magic Moments
Ceyesa has been known for his ravenous appetite, so when he passes up chicken in favor of giving a nuzzle, you get that special feeling of knowing he really likes you.

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