Thanks to everyone who has supported Central Florida Animal Reserve in the Summer Fundraiser!

We have collectively raised over $6,700 to support the big cats at Central Florida Animal Reserve.  That’s 27% of the way to our ultimate goal of $25,000 for their health and stability.

Central Florida Animal Reserve is volunteer driven and a publicly funded 501(c)3 charity.  We invite you to share the stories of these very special big cats as they prepare for their move to Osceola County.  Learn more about how to support them at http://www.cflar.org/?page_id=912 

Michael Update:

Since we last spoke about Michael, he has been doing much better!  He is shifting and eating normally again, which is a great relief!  His enclosure mate, Hocsa Win still rules the house, but at least Michael is up and engaging others as he gets back to his normal personality!  Click here to see his story.

Freedom’s Story:

Few people know Freedom, but her tale is one of courage, tenacity, and dedication that is equal parts touching and inspiring.  Be on the lookout for this story later this week, as told by Mrs. Sharon Brindley, about this very special tigress.

Sebastian Waits:

At least one “cat” has already had a chance to check out the new site–and it’s our very own Sebastian!  He’s been crowdsurfing at EarthDay Birthday, made friends with the Osceola County Sheriff’s department, and “overseen” many key moments in construction.  Follow Sebastian here and on social media as he makes final rounds before his big cat friends move!