Preparing for Our Move…

Our Summer Goal: Raise $25,000 to support Tiger health!

Every one of us has health challenges from time to time. It can be as simple as a cold or flu, or as significant as a rapid onset emergency. The larger our families are, the more frequently we experience the effects of illness. We try to stay healthy but it seems there is always something out there lurking.

At CFAR, we have a very large family that we care for. In addition to human volunteers, we have 30 big cats presently and a few “little critters” to steward. Our population of residents is aging, and we all know what that can mean.

The summer in Florida is particularly challenging for all of us with its brutal heat and humidity. Swings in the weather can be hard on us people; but, just imagine living in it 24/7/365 covered in a full coat of fur.  The cougars and leopards seek higher ground to catch a cooling breeze, the lions laze in the shade, and the tigers head for their tubs to keep cool from May through September!  But even as adaptable as they are, Summer can be a stressor for the older animals as they adapt.

In India, Tigers have to endure, on average, at least 25 days of 120 degree with high humidity. This can be an end of life crisis for the elderly. Typically, they spend as much time as possible in a shaded pond, if they can find one. Additionally, these tigers face food borne illnesses exacerbated due to bacterial and viral growth and lowered immunity.

During May and June of 2017, several of our resident big cats had a significant reaction to the seasonal change.  This has taken a great deal of extra care and resulted in increased veterinary costs which have created an untimely increase in health expenses.

Our priority to the cats is clear: we will never sacrifice our resident’s health in favor of other projects.  Unfortunately, this has required us to tap into funds set aside to complete our move in order to make sure they are well.  Stable, healthy cats are paramount to our successful ability to move–and we are eagerly tracking their recovery.  So we come to you with both news, and a request:

After many years, we are pleased to announce that we are on track to have all the cats moved before the end of the summer, but we need your help.

We need any Financial Assistance that you can provide to help us offset those costs of caring for our magnificent animals.  Our Summer goal is to raise $25,000 to get us through the stabilization of the population and the move to our Osceola Campus. 

Here are some ways you can help out!

  1. Donate Online 

    Cash Donations via our PayPal are available immediately and can be applied directly to expenses related to the cats.  Also available as budget friendly Monthly Contributions.
  2. Become a Coinholder

    Coinholders receive a custom minted Central Florida Animal Reserve coin, and preferred access to events and programs.  Learn More here
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